Application deadline:  March 13, 2016 (23:59 GMT)

I. General Information

The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organisations (ADHO) makes bursary awards to 14 or more students and young scholars who have submissions accepted for presentation at the annual Digital Humanities international conference. These awards are to encourage new contributions to scholarship in the digital humanities from our diverse global constituency and to involve new participants in the application of information technology in humanities research. Paper, poster and panel submissions qualify for consideration.

II. Terms

The recipients receive a cash award of € 550 to help defray expenses incurred in attending the conference such as the conference registration, airline/train fare, lodging, and meals paid by the recipient. Recipients are encouraged to seek additional funding as the bursaries will usually not cover the full expenses of the conference. Recipients travelling intercontinentally may ask for an additional sum of up to € 300 to help them cover the higher cost of travel. Certificates are presented at the Conference Banquet, which winners are invited to attend free of charge, as guests of ADHO. The funds will be transferred to the recipient’s bank account after the conference.

It is the responsibility of each bursary winner to write a short text (minimum 150 words) either about her or his research or offering reflections on her or his experiences from the conference. These texts will be used in ADHO’s outreach activities as seen appropriate, giving due credits to the authors.

III. Eligibility

The bursaries are meant for early career scholars presenting at the conference. Any (co-)author of a long or short paper, panel, or poster taking part in the presentation at the conference is eligible if she or he does not have a PhD, the PhD is awarded less than five years before the opening date of the conference, and she or he has not presented at the conference more than once before. If two or more co-authors of the same presentation are qualified, they may make a joint application and share the award.

IV. Selection

Winning applications are chosen by a review panel constituted by the ADHO Standing Committee on Awards, based on the scholarly quality of the applicants’ submissions and the CVs they attach to their bursary applications as well as the committee’s intention to choose applications that represent a diverse applicant pool. The application must be entered in ConfTool no later than March 13. The panel may also request additional documentation to support the application or prove eligibility, when necessary.

Question 1 through 12 must all be answered. Guidelines are given to each set of question. If you have any questions about the application process, please write to: Øyvind Eide <oeide@uni-koeln.de>.

1. Name:

2. Postal Address:

3. Email Address:

4. University:

5. Request additional funding for intercontinental travel. If yes, state where you will travel from:

6. Short CV:

(If the applicant has a PhD, it is important to include the date it was awarded and the name of the awarding institution.)

7. Previous presentations at Digital Humanities or ALLC/ACH conferences. Please give year and title of presentations:

8. Session (choose between long paper, short paper, presentation in panel/3-paper session or poster):

(Both paper and poster submissions are eligible for consideration. A participant in a multi-author submission is eligible for an award if they have contributed substantially to the paper/poster and will take significant part in its presentation.)

9. Title of presentation:

10. If multi-author explain roles:

11. Membership Status, choose either a, b, or c:

(Recipients must be members of at least one of the ADHO constituent organisations. This may be certified with the membership number. For memberships that include a subscription to LLC the membership number is the subscription number. Please refer to the ADHO membership FAQ for details. Uncertified membership must be resolved before winners are announced.) 

a) Membership #:
b) Number missing
c) Membership in process

12. Organisation (choose one or more of EADH (including DHd and AIUCD), ACH, CSDH/SCHN, aaDH, JADH:

13. Additional Information/ Justification:

(A review panel will choose award recipients based on the applicants’ submission abstracts, information from the application forms, reviewer comments, and evaluations as deemed necessary to make a confident decision.)

Additional questions

You are under no obligation to answer the additional questions. They are included to help us assess the diversity of the pool of applications.

A. Birth Year:

B. Gender:

C. Nationality:

V. Application procedure

The deadline for submitting the ADHO bursary application is March 13, 2016. Applicants will be notified of acceptance by April 20, 2016.

If you would like to apply for a ADHO bursary, please login via ConfTool at: https://www.conftool.pro/dh2016/

  1. Select “Your Submissions” from the menu.
  2. Select “ADHO Bursary Application” from the bottom of the page. Please choose the ADHO Bursary (for student/young scholar presenters) scheme.
  3. You are asked to submit an abstract. Please fill in “ADHO Bursary Application” as “Title of Contribution”. You may leave a remark to the chair. Click “Proceed”.
  4. Load up your completed Questionnaire (answers to the questions 1-16 above, TEXT, ODT, DOC/DOCX, ODS, XLS/XLSX, or PDF format) as “1st file”, your  Accepted Submission as “2nd file”.
  5. Click “Upload File(s) and Complete Submission” at the bottom of the page.

If you have any questions concerning this procedure, or need any kind of assistance to submit a proposal, please send an email to Øyvind Eide <oeide@uni-koeln.de>.